Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Runescape Player Moderators

A staggering collection of Runescape player moderators obscenity. I personally was fortunate enough not to witness any of the kind. Every p-mod I saw in the game was civil and nice to other players. So, just based on my personal experience, I'd say these cases of rude behavior is rather an exception then the rule.

But still... Dan brings an interesting point: should p-mods be distinguished by the silver crown? I actually think that in ideal world they should not. In ideal world p-mods will simply care so much for the game that they would perform their duties without this additional token of recognition. But we are not in the ideal world. I think that it would be near impossible to find so many players who would do what p-mods do, for free, and without any kind of visible reward. So here goes the silver crown.

As far as ability to speak through disabled chat and mute players - those are simply tools needed for performing their game monitoring duties. I don't see a way around it.


Anthony Dufresne said...
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Anthony Dufresne said...

i totally agree with dan on this subject. the crown does involve a lot more benifits than a regular player. being a p mod have giving them many benifits that others dont. one of my personal friends has been a p mod for over a year and he says even though he gats some benifits, they can also get in deep trouble if they break the rules. He said that he can get his account even banned for life if he dreaks on of the more serious rules. He also says that his p mod advantages and stuff could get suspended for a while if he broke the less important rules. i find this good to know because im around p mods all the time and i can use this information to my advantage if they are giving me a hard time.

elid antduf

Ren said...

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Anonymous said...

The crown is sadly used mostly as boasting rights rather than a help sign

Most people want to be p mods just for the crown. And the crown will probably force a lot of player mods into behaving maturely with the crown always reminding them of their responsibility

There are alot of p mods who do their job wonderfully though. Shame i never get the chance to meet them :P

Millionaires Runescape Guide said...

Agree with Dan.

I like this, and the p mods have always been sort of a controversial thing to me.

G said...

It's a tough call, a lot of this relies on context.

In a clan chat, there could be 3 people in there who've been friends for years. If a p mod wants to relax a little in there, I think that's fine. It's not viewable to the public and if its with people who are adults, who've possibly expressed theirselves in the same manner and have no issues with it, I have no issue with it.

With the public chats, you're also only seeing one side of it. "Cut the spam/ ik dumb update is gey" is a great example. That's possibly what the person was spamming over and over. "Cut the spam" could be directed towards about 100 different people in GE at any given moment, this singles out the person its directed towards.

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