Tuesday, February 9, 2010

All about Vaskor

I guess, I'll take on Avicile Mohaili's challenge and list some RS and RL facts about myself.

RS Fact: I usually indifferent about combat, but I feel better about killing some of the monsters comparing to others. Bad guys being Vyrewatches, Revenants and Shades.

RL Fact: a long time ago I realized that I don't like feeling some of the destructive emotions, like hate, jealousy, anger, taking offence. I use logical thinking to avoid such feelings since then. Last time I was angry in RL was many many years ago when drunken neighbors threw out one of their fellows in the middle of the night, that person took away electrical plugs on our floor of the building and my wife needed light to get up and take care of the baby. I was so angry, I tried to break the door into the neighbors flat. Fortunately for me, I didn't have enough strength and neighbors got scared and didn't open.

RS Fact: I tried pking once (a month before PvP world was so drastically changed) just to see how I would feel about it. I went as a ranger and I didn't manage to kill anybody. Everybody would run away from me :-) Thus I realized that I wasn't the only one scared white dot out there and got more relaxed about venturing into the wilderness.

RL Fact: I make orienteering maps and organize orienteering competitions several times a year. And, of course, I compete too whenever I can. I guess, if I am passionate about anything - orienteering is my passion. I used to spend days alone in the forest wandering and picking up wild mushrooms. Now I go there and make orienteering maps.

RS Fact: I like wandering around Gielinor exploring, looking and listening. One of my sweetest RS memories was a trip Merch Gwyar graciously took me on.

RL Fact: When I was a kid my father would take me, my brother and two cousins on a long (4-5 weeks) rafting trips on some of Belorussian rivers. We would build a shack on the raft and flow down the river, making stops whenever and wherever we felt like. People in villages thought we were gypsies. We did it 3 years in a row - I think those were the happiest months in my childhood. This is something I won't be able to ever repeat, but I also believe that "happiness is a journey, not a destination". People are free to feel happy - it's all in our heads, we just need to learn how to use them.

RS Fact: Runescape is not so much a game for me, but a world for my imagination to play in. At least that's what appeals to me in Runescape. Without it, I wouldn't endure skilling.

RL Fact: as far as skilling goes, I did a fair share of woodcutting and firemaking in RL. Construction too. I also spent a month as a chef cook - it was one of the toughest jobs I ever tried. I cooked for a bunch of hungry students during one of those mandatory harvesting campaigns and let me tell you, it was hard: 14 hours working ways and very little appreciation from the crowd. Woodcutting was mostly for usual stuff: logs and firewood. Firemaking - during backpacking trips.

RL Fact: I met my wife on a backpacking trip. I nearly drawn in a swamp during that trip. Then after ten days of hiking we ran out of food, starved for two days and I got pneumonia. But we got really close on our second backpacking trip together a year later. That time we went to Crimean mountains in November, stayed for a few days with hippies on Mangup (the most magical place I've ever seen/felt/lived in my life) and then ended up trapped in a snow storm on Ai-Petri. That was a close call. We got to the top and snow started to fall, then wind picked up. We thought about pitching a tent and waiting it out, but then, fortunately, decided to push forward. The decision saved our lives. Soon after wind turned into a hurricane and we had to tie ourselves together in order to keep walking. With a wind like that snow felt like a gravel being thrown into our faces. But we did reach the shelter before trees and electric poles started to fall down. Gee, I am getting carried away just writing about it... It was fun, though.

RS Fact: I like areas where snow falls in Runescape. But I don't go there often. I also remember that Christmas event when half of Karamja got frozen over. I think that was my favorite.

RS/RL Fact: my son came up with an idea of making a site (Runewise) where RS players could get personalized tips when we were hiking up the highest mountain in the eastern part of the United States. It took 2 month for two of us to implement this idea. I learned PHP while doing it.

RL Fact: when I want to seem younger I tell people my age, when I want to seem older I tell people how old my son is.

RS Fact: before Runewise was created I wasn't even aware about RS sites like Tip.it, Zybez, RuneHQ and Sals. Creation of Runewise naturally pushed me into RS web community and eventually to RS blogging.

And here I am, blogging :-)


G said...

What a great post! I love learning about the person as well as the player.

Avicile Mohaili said...

Awesome!! So glad to know I could get to know you a bit better! Love your facts! :-)

NeobotXP said...

Finally a bit about the mysterious Vaskor!

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