Thursday, February 11, 2010

Making money with the GE

RS Economist is starting a series of posts about various money making strategies on the Grand Exchange. And starting it with my favorite method, which I've been using for more then two years. He calls it "fundamental", I call it "zero-cycling". I think "swapping" is also one of the names used for it. Regardless of the name, it is probably the easiest way to make wealth in Runescape and, ironically, the less risky one.

Some research is involved - you need to find good items to trade, but RS Economics gives a few examples right there. You also do need to keep in touch with what is going on in Runescape and replace some items with others when they stop working. I mean, even rune essence might not be good to trade in this way right after a Runecrafting update when the price is shooting up. I actually don't find rune essence to be that good. It's decent, but I am not always able to buy or sell it below/above medium. Same with some other commodities like yew logs, death, blood, law runes and such. I "zero-cycle" them from time to time but I prefer to operate with items which are in "moderate" demand and in 200K-1000M price range. It's a bit more risky, but more profitable and the same mechanics are at work. What I have to watch out when working with these items is "merchant clans". When a clan picks an item like that it becomes unusable for several weeks until its price goes down to the flat line it used to be on.

Anyway, here is the first article in the series. Watch out for the remaining ones.


Turbo said...

Thanks man! I got my title from Fundamental Analysis, a method stock pickers use to make money off the stock market. (

It is known by many names though, but the principals are the same, and interestingly they translate almost directly to default world investing.

Anonymous said...

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rs accounts for sell said...

to be continued... but i will check the next post still. I am learning how to make money in Runescape.

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