Saturday, May 29, 2010

Binding in Dungeoneering

Great suggestion from Qeltar on how to solve the problem with limited item binding in Dungeoneering. I too find it frustrating that the only items I can afford myself to bind are sword and plate body. I'd welcome temporary binding with both hands, even if such binding would last just for one or two floors.


Steve said...

Jagex wrote in their dung Q and A thread on the forum that the idea of dung was to create the items you need for the level you were approaching, there were no immediate plans to change the amount of items bound.

had there been no bind options this kind of post would have not existed and we would have just accepted that as being the case.

I would as many others like to keep more stuff but it is not the idea of the game (skill) the idea is to kit yourself and help other players get ready for the coming boss fight.

Short cuts in the skill as with others skills will come over time but to give them all at the start would make it too easy to quickly.

Vaskor said...

Steve, the complain is not about the skill being hard or easy to train, the complain is about absolute waste of all and any items dropped by monsters inside the dungeon. Jagex put so much thought and effort in designing various unique items, but with current binding system, pretty much all these items are never get used.

Steve said...

Yes I understand what is being said, the thing with the bind is to keep the best thing you have found, if you get something better then destroy 1 item and bind the new item.

I have the max promethium arrows bound, I have a promethium 2 hander bound.

I would like to bind the rare drops from monsters to use next time but it is defeating the object of the skill which is to equip all the players from the finite raw resources with the goal of killing the boss.

If you could bind more items you could do what I did on the early levels and use the weapons I arrived with to kill the boss, which at the time was bow and arrows.

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