Thursday, May 27, 2010

Syndicated Dungeoneering Interview

Well, the syndicated Dungeoneering Interview is out. This interview is different from ones given to Sal's, Tip it and Rune HQ in the way it was conducted. Jagex collected questions from multiple fan sites, picked a few from every list, answered those and distributed the resulting interview to all fan sites involved. That is to ALL fan sites, but Runewise (due to some technical problem or whatever). I am quite upset about it. The interview is out already, so even if I receive it tomorrow, there is no point for me to put it on the site. I can just as well reprint it from other sites, or simply point to one of them. So here we go, RuneTower's version of it.

It's good though. Enjoy.


Merch Gwyar said...

How could they forget you?! You're the first site we all check! >:(

NeobotXP said...

You're the site we check to see if its worth going on those sites

Vaskor said...

Thank you for the support

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