Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Buyers and Cellars

I finally finished the Buyers and Cellars quest. What a let down... I guess I got spoiled. The quests Jagex released in 2009 and early in 2010 were all top notch and awesome. And now this... Oh well, let's hope it is an unfortunate exception. Not only the quest lacked a smooth story line, it also made me feel sick from the actions my character was forced to do. Neo Avatars is right, it is not moral.

I mean, yes, Runescape is broad enough so you can go and do questionable things, like killing people on the streets, unicorns and even gnome children. But I am not forced to do that, so I never do. But Buyers and Cellars storyline didn't give me that choice, it simply forced my charters to perform despicable actions and now I feel guilty. What is the point?..

P.S. I moved the Runescape bookstore from Amazon to Barnes&Nobles. Amazon refused to do business with me because I am a resident of North Carolina (apparently there is some feud between Amazon and the state). Anyway, if you feel like buying some books online, I'd appreciate if you do it starting from one of the bookstore links (see on the right side). Thank you.


Avicile Mohaili said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who felt physically sick doing the quest :S

Knifestorm said...

Jagex was spot on - a Thieves Guild should be run by dishonest people who rob and cheat and think themselves smart for it.

Before this quest was out had you ever robbed a paladin? Or a farmer? Were those deeds OK because they lacked a back story to make them seem human.

Jagex does not force you to train thieving, or to wear a quest cape.

This genre is called Role Playing Games - relax, no actual people were harmed in the making of the quest or capers.

G said...

I'm going to chime in with the boring Amazon details. I just know about it because, actually, its my job.

NC passed a law last summer that would require Amazon to collect sales tax on their online marketing affiliates (in this case, you). Rather than register with the state and be liable for the tax owed on your commissions, they just decided not to bother with it and pull out of dealing with the state altogether. It's not only NC, its a couple other states too.

I'm sure I just bored everyone. Sorry.

Vaskor said...

Avicile Mohaili, yeap :-)

Knifestorm, somehow I was viewing thieving and stealing in Runescape more lightly and adventurously before. Sneaking into fortresses, plundering pyramids, picking up seeds from the master farmer so I could grow them. But tricking the dwarf and stealing the red dragon toy he poured his heart into wouldn't fit into that... Maybe Jagex made a conscious choice to remove "romantic veil" from the skill or maybe it was simply an inadvertent thing that came with the quest. Either way, I'd prefer to keep my original view of the Thieving skill. I don't think I'd ever got to 99 Thieving if it would have started with this quest.

G, you are right, Amazon decided to play tough and not create a precedent for other states to follow. One of those situations when no one wins and everybody looses.

Steve said...

Vaskor this is a strange one, I felt the same as you, I was not comfortable doing the tasks for the thieving guild,

I don't think twice about killing a guard in Fally just because he is there and I am passing with a whip in my hand, perhaps if he took me home for a meal with his wife and kids I would think differently.

Jagex is playing with emotions here, giving characters a personality and a history makes us able to feel for the person.

It is however "just a game" perhaps we need to remind ourselves this every now and then, not so easy when it becomes quite a large part of your life.

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