Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dungeoneering Experience

Just a quick illustration of my previous comments regarding Dungeoneering being not a slow skill. Here is a snapshot (from Runewise) with amount of experience in various skill I gained during about 3 days of nothing else but Dungeoneering.

That's one of the reasons I like this new skill so much. I go there and I train ALL my skills without even noticing it. If you take any one particular skill, sure, there are ways to train it faster, but where would you find a place to train them all like that without ever sliding into a grinding mode?


Jax said...

Vaskor! You're missing out on all the Summoning xp you could be getting. Remember,you can make pouches with just the secondary item and charms.

And they high alch for a lot more then the smuggler pays. I've been saving my charms and using up my cash on free, cheap, easy summoning xp!

NeobotXP said...

2.7m dungeoneering XP and 5.4m overall!
(Ok I've been farming a bit and herbloring whilst waiting for teams)
This beats Shattered Heart :-)

H Alger said...

Have any of you calculated overall xp rates per hour with this?

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Vaskor said...

Jax, thank you. I started to make familiars now. I still find it somewhat cumbersome, but I suddenly realized that they help a lot during the fights! I always melee down there, so ranging or maging familiar helps a lot with many monsters and bosses.

NeobotXP, 2.7M??? wow!

H Alger, do I haven't. I will try to measure it. But I am afraid that the speed will be "person specific", because people have different approaches to the dungeons and skill differently down there.

Vaskor said...

H Alger, the way I go through the dungeons I am getting about 70K exp per hour.

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