Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Fairy Tale Part 3


OK. It does not look exactly like this... Somehow concept art pictures are always so much prettier than "polygon" based reality inside the game. Maybe it'll change in a few years, we are getting closer and closer after all. But not just there yet. At least not in Runescape.

Anyway, new Zanaris looks awesome. I liked the blue version, but I like this one even better.

The quest was good too. I won't point to any walk-troughs, you don't need one to do this quest. It flows nicely by itself, just follow the storyline. Except for the out of a sudden "bucket of milk" request, the quest's canvas was perfect. I've been taken aback a bit by the whole "tooth pulling" business, but it was funny nevertheless and (beware a spoiler!!!) most explicit cut scenes were censored :-) The final battle wasn't hard, but undoubtedly innovative. All in all, I think, my perception of this quest was close to that from Avicile Mohaili.

The only thing I grieve about is that Jagex added a purpose to the Enchanted Valley (BKQ)... Now it might be perceived simply as a part of a quest and not as a hidden magical place it used to be. And that's sad.

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