Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sleep in Runescape

Interesting article about sleep in Runescape (Fatigue in RSC and such). You may say it has nothing to do with RS2, but why?

If we have beds and can yawn and have chairs and can sit down, why can’t we lay/sleep in our beds?

Indeed, why? I think, it'd be cool to be able to sleep in Runescape again. Maybe players could get some small temporary attack/strength/constitution bonus after a good sleep? Or something similar to Oo'glog's pool effect? I suspect that part of the problem might be pure technical. Remember how Jagex were proud about changes in the game engine which allowed characters to sit on the ground? Yeap, I bet, the RS2 engine simply does not support "laying on the ground (or bed)" yet. Speaking about beds, while I am in this "wishful thinking" mode, here is what I would really love to happen: our characters being able to use ALL that furniture, windows and things/tools inside Gielinor houses. Without any kind of EXP gain - just for fun.

In other news, Merch Gwyar talks about various types of Runescape Blogs and how to approach blogging about Runescape. I agree with her, you don't get e-fame through regular blogging (at least not in Runescape), but you might find a lot of new friends that way. And, yes, as Merch said don't be shy to point to your blog in comments. I am trying to find as many Runescape blogs as I can, but I am surely missing a lot. So if you simply post a link to your blog, I'll subscribe to it right away. Thank you.


Troacctid said...

Do you have mine?

Merch Gwyar said...

Thank you for the bigging up. :D

There's a message here for you. It was left on my blog: Message for Vaskor

Vaskor said...

Troacctid, thank you. I picked your blog a few weeks ago at Runescoop :-)
I used to scout for blogs, but stopped at some point, because vast majority of blogs there were skill logs and I couldn't find a blog which would tie the community together like the one Merch Gwyar has at Sal's.

Merch Gwyar, thank you, added Helm's blog.

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