Friday, May 21, 2010

How to collect Shattered Hearts rocks quickly

Suggestions from Steve for collecting Shattered Hearts rocks.

I'm still working on my first statue... Based from what I hear am not even near to the completion. Runecrafting, Hunting, Construction and Agility are among the ones I still need to find. I am stuck on Agility at the moment (2 hours on Ape Atoll and 1.5 hours at Brimheaven didn't yield a rock). So, yeah, I'll need these tips... and some luck, I think.


Knifestorm said...

I agree with most of the article except Construction.

For the Construction stone I craft tele-tablets, sending my servant out for more clay as needed. The strange stones show up eventually and I'm not just standing around.

Vaskor said...

Yeap, I'll do the same.

H. Alger said...

Couple things I would add:

1) I believe that rocks come faster if you alternate skills. Thus, if you get a rock in herblore, obtain a rock in another skill before going after the next herblore rock. This being the case was apparently confirmed by Mod Maz in a post by Kingduffy on TSG. Link:

2. I also believe that varying types of training will speed up getting rocks. Thus, if you have been farming sweetcorn, switch over to Watermelons for awhile or change up your herb from snaps to wergali. If you have been hunting kebbits with a hawk, switch to penguin trapping.

3. I don't waste time switching skills when doing runecrafting as the rocks come so fast at the ZMI.

4. Knifestorm gave a good idea for ideas to waste time while waiting for the construction stone. I have been making an inventory of pie shells and the stone is usually there by the time I get finished. It is especially important to switch skills up on construction as that second rock seems to take forever if you don't.


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