Thursday, May 20, 2010

My level is...

Next time you are temped to announce one of your awesome skill levels in public, think, maybe it's not a good time to do so. Thank you, Kitt.

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Steve said...

So true.

It happens to high level players too, I was invited to a friends slayer party, they were getting 99 slayer, I always wear my slayer cape when training combat related skills and as usual I was slaying, for the party I wore my prayer cape its polite to dress up but she could take the glory of her achievement.

Another of my friends there was of the same opinion and wore one of his other capes, there was however other players who wore their slayer capes and did the emote when my friend did theirs.

Its their party it doesn't last long so let them have their moment.

I will always congratulate players if they level, every level is an achievement.

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