Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bonus XP weekends. Good or bad?

Bonus XP weekends. Most people liked the idea, but some didn't. Rafftank is talking about some negatives here. Yet I saw many positive blog entries back in March. So is it good for the game in a long run or not?

I don't know. I missed the excitement of preparation weeks for the first XP weekend, but from what I saw in other blogs it was fun. I'd love to be a part of it next time. I did logged in during that weekend and trained Summoning, Herblore, Smithing and Agility from 2.7 till 1.7 bonus. What I do know is that anticipation of the next XP weekend changed the way I train some skills. Especially Summoning: basically I am hoarding charms since March, waiting for the next XP weekend to spend them. Kind of scary how just one odd day could change the whole skill. And I have a suspicion that not only for me.


Ren said...

I'm not so keen on them as they effectively punish people for training the rest of the time and act as a disincentive to train which removes some of the pick up and play fun.

Kitt said...

What makes me laugh is the statement " doesn't make it fair to those who already put the effort in to get it legitimately abnd [sic]also, I will NOT train any skills for a 99 on bonus exp weekends, because I like feeling that I worked for my 99, not spoiled my effort on free exp".

What the hell does he (and others who feel this way) mean by "legitimately"? Is it something that's rarely part of the game; something that gives extra bonus experience; or something they just don't like? You can give identical arguments about Stealing Creations tools, Pyramid Plunder, penguin points and Pest Control Void Knight clothing. I certainly don't hate anyone who got 99 summoning over the bonus exp weekend because I did mine the "legitimate" way.

I'm not knocking that he may want to complain/rant about to whomever. I just find the whole legitimate thing laughable.

rdskywalker1 said...

it good if u know how to gain alot xp

G said...

Ha, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who's been hoarding charms "just in case."

It's not too far off from my usual though, I usually just keep charms until I have enough for the level I want anyway.

I agree with Kitt though, acting like a martyr because you did something in a harder way than someone else is pretty lame.

I think you've addressed it before, how updates making skills easier is inevitable and the only way the game can really evolve. With every new xp bonus, there will be people upset they didn't have the chance to utilize it.

Vaskor said...

I agree, argument of making the life too easy for newcomers isn't very good.

I think my only real concern about the XP weekends is the fact that it encourages hoarding, thus completely changing the way some skills are trained. Not sure whether it is good or bad, though.

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