Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hardest Skill Capes

An eternal question: which skill cape is the hardest to obtain? And, of course, there is no clear answer. Actually, I don't think the answer exists at all, because you can train every skill in so many different ways and with completely different attitudes and approaches.

But, there is a definite answer to the question which capes are less (or more) common comparing to others. Thanks to Ham, here is a link to discussion about it with exact numbers from the highscores. Not many surprises, Runecrafting is where it is supposed to be, but I expected Cooking cape to be the most common, while apparently it is not. Also #11 Thieving was a surprise, I thought it'd be much higher.

Edited: Thank to Mat, here is link to Runescape Wikia page with very detailed info and very latest list.


Mat said...

The lists not up-to-date though - here's the figures now

The amount of 99 Summoners have more than doubled since then; I completely blame that on the bonus exp weekend... A J Mods confirmed there's going to be more too -
Page 18

Also, 140k people have achieved 99 strength now LOL.

Alex said...

Lol 11th rarest cape.

Anyway, I find that these lists are highly inaccurate. If you've been on Canting lately you might well have found me moaning about how I never wear my cooking cape because it's "noob". Months of cooking salmon is not nooby =/

(Well it is, but it still took effort :P)

G said...

I don't think just an overall list is accurate enough. It needs more definition.

The numbers will always be higher for CB skills, cooking, fishing, woodcutting, firemaking just because of the sheer number of players in F2P. Not only is there much more in F2P, but those players are limited to only those skills, so they don't even have the opportunity to do anything else.

Vaskor said...

G, good point about F2P. I wish there would be a way to see player status in the highscores...

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