Friday, June 25, 2010

Crystal Bow Trick

I've been using Crustal bows for ages and at the same time was so ignorant... Unbelievable... Was reading this "let's range everything in sight" guide and stumbled on to this:

"The Crystal Bow is a great weapon, if you use it correctly. This means using the “Crystal Bow Trick”. Now this trick means you have to have 2 Crystal Bows and switch them out periodically. Basically you fire 249 shots with one bow and then fire the 250th shot with the second bow. This will result in the second bow getting degraded and keeping your first at 10/10 and therefore, +100 range bonus."


P.S. I'm going on vacation till July 20 and won't have access to internet, so expect the next post on July 21 or 22. Cheers!


NeobotXP said...

Time to count those shots.

Pimpas said...

I knew this trick.
Learned with Zarfot in his Mega Slayer Guide.
Thats is why I have 10 seeds.

NeobotXP said...

oh wait 100 range bonus?
I have that on my Chaotic Xbow :)

Anonymous said...

Haven't heard this myth for ages, I tried it when it first came out many years ago, unfortunately it doesn't work.

Jagex have had years to fix this alleged exploit do you think it would still exist if it was real.

Alex @ Runescape Bits said...

have a fun vacation! Will miss these posts for 1 month ;)

Aaron said...

Haha. Great guide. The crystal Bow has always been on of my favorites.

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