Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Food in Runescape

Interesting article about most popular food items in Runescape (with some gaps, but still quite good). Apparently each strawberry heals 7% of Constitution and not a fixed amount. Who would guess it?!

Despite the variety of foods described in the article, my healing techniques are very simple. Basically three things:

  • Saradomin godsword
  • Bunyip when the godsword is not enough and I choose not to take a turtle with me
  • Sharks

I also used Saradomin brews on Nomad and Jad, but those are exceptional cases.
What's your diet?


G said...

Mine varies a lot. For Slayer tasks and just killing a lot of decent leveled monsters for an extended period of time, it's either Bunyips or Bones to Peaches (completely worth the trouble of unlocking).

Godwars and big bosses its usually the Sara Brew/Super Restore combo.

To keep Corp Beast trips cheap, its usually Monkfish, but Sharks if we can get a couple kills before having to bank.

I've used Purple Sweets for Jad attempts, they work well. It's hard to justify the cost if you don't have a stockpile from clues though. Saras/Restores work well too.

That's pretty much it. I don't have a SGS. I can't use a Unicorn yet and I've never used Guthans.

Jax said...

Used to use Guthan's. Sold my set to buy some dragon bones (back when they were a lot cheaper).

For most slayer tasks it's a combination of bunyip and monks. I might fire off my enhance excalibur at the start.

I've about 2000 salmon in my bank (cheap fast cooking for rocks). I use that for when I'm doing a clue scroll, thieving, random stuff that you need a little food for.

My diet used to be much more diverse. Now that it takes 2k fish to get a level it's much more narrow.

NeobotXP said...

Salve eel

What's a shark?

RuneScape Free Memberships said...

Guthans and monkfish. I bought a lot of 10k monks a while back and I'm still eating those! And the Guthans set effect is one of my favorites in the game.

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