Saturday, June 5, 2010

Data for Runescape Statistics

If you are in a mood for doing some statistical analysis of Runescape data (like Xela), here is some data to play with:

This data is gathered by Runewise's Skill Analysis service. You can get CSV files for every month since Sep 2007. Simply change month/year parameters in the URL. Each CSV file contains information for every player who signed up for this Runewise's service and was active at the time. I didn't include player names, but added player "number" (which is the service registration number).
Each line in the CSV file contains the following data items:

  • player number
  • starting total level (that is at the beginning on the month)
  • ending total level (at the end of the month)
  • starting overall rank
  • ending overall rank
  • starting exp
  • ending exp

I can expose more data if there is enough interest, like summaries by skills and whatnot. If you want to do some specific analysis, please, comment and I'll try to accommodate as many requests as viable and technically possible.

And if you get some interesting results, I'd appreciate if you let me know.

P.S. Note: there is a hole in the data from Dec 2009 till March 2010 - the service wasn't working during those 4 months (The service got broken in Nov 2009 and I fixed it in April, thus April 2010 and Nov 2009 may contain slightly reduced data sets). But the rest of the data intervals since Sep 2007 should be full.


Alex said...


iCheeschees said...

wow you just inspired me to write my own blog. thanks ive been reading this for awhile now. please read mine? or give me some tips please!

Vaskor said...

iCheeschees, I am glad :-)

I subscribed to your blog and will read it from now on.

As for tips, if you like writing - you'll like blogging :)
I'd also suggest that you check Merch Gwyar's entry about Runescape blogs.

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