Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fast non-combat Stealing Creations

Thanks to Kitt, I finally found out where fast non-combat Stealing Creations are being run. I've been joining various small teams which are spontaneously organized in SC worlds, but more often then not there was a pker in the mix. But this is a big scale always running operation. Look here for details and explanation.

In short:

  • World 99
  • CC: fast sc (and they'll tell you to switch to another one when needed)
  • Average game time: about 13 mins
P.S. A few words about pkers who crash non-combat SC games. Some people take pleasure in ruining things others create - nothing we could do about it. But to deliberately come to a dedicated SC world and join a non-combat game with sole purpose of spoiling it - it's a pinnacle of evilness and cowardliness. IMHO, it goes beyond simple malice, it's something far more wicked. If you see Pao Hobz (nearly maxed out noob) in the game, please, take some time and tell him what kind of coward and sore looser he is. Thank you.


Armmadylo said...

I saw Pao Hobz today in W84 and gave him a piece of my mind. He didnt respond, but it sure felt good :D

Vaskor said...

Thanks :_)

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