Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bonecrusher Review

Graham posted very nice review of Bonecrusher, take a look. Incidentally, this is the only Dungeoneering reward item I got so far (and with all those ring upgrades it might stay this way for a long time). To tell you the truth, I am somewhat disappointed by the lack of usefulness of Bonecrusher. At 80+ prayer, the bonus is so insignificant, that it hardly worth a space in the inventory. Apparently regular and even big bones don't add up that much anymore and I don't want to waste dragon bones this way. Plus I keep forgetting Bonechusher when going to remote slayer locations. As Graham mentioned, it would have been nice if Bonecrusher could be wielded and had some kind of extra stats. I personally would like to be able to attach it to a weapon instead.

P.S. Oh, and by the way, Bonecrusher does not work during falconry. (Edited: ignore this P.S. Apparently falconry with Bonecrusher was fixed sometime in July)


Kitt said...

Not with falconry? The one part of hunter that you can't avoid getting bones? >.<

Anonymous said...

FyIt DOES work during falconry.

Vaskor said...

I double-checked. Apparently, Jagex fixed falconry sometime in the last 4 weeks. Bonecrusher works there now!

games like runescape said...

yes bonecrusher works there now

Jamie said...

I like it, personally. I just wish I had the opportunity to get it at a much lower prayer level. It allows me to get pray xp while slaying, which I consider a bonus

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