Saturday, July 24, 2010

Runescape’s Official Game Client

A few words about the official Runescape game client from Downfall. Being a long term user of the official client I can only agree with his/her review. The client got much better (that is lightweight and stable) without loosing its simplicity. As far as further improvements, here is my wish list (the truth is that I'll still use the official client even without these improvements, but I can dream, can't I?):

  • Ability to move in game chat into a separate chat panel within a client. And I am not talking about IRC or any kind of outside chats, I want my conversations within Runescape to appear in a way I could easily read them! Yes, black on white, please.
  • Ability to get a quick peek into the GE database for a particular item (min/max/current prices and change since yesterday).
  • Ability to quickly access highscores. Maybe. This one is really just "nice to have".

Other than that, I am completely satisfied with the official client. So here is a question for you, Swiftkit users, is there something I don't even know I am missing?


Anonymous said...

Ye I used to use swiftkit and You can check the GE prices and check hiscores with it.

Alex said...

The various death timers are really handy, and having skill calculators built into a piece of software saved on your PC makes them a lot quicker and easier to find when you want them.

I swear by the quest and achievement loggers in SK.

Anonymous said...

There is kinda large stuff you're missing. You can check hiscores, track your goals, you have all kind of calculators within swiftkit, without the need to go to a rs fan site. You also have an irc client, item/monster database, calculator, and a very nice keyboard shortcut to take a photo just to the games window.

Sorry if my english its hard to understand lol

topper said...

The last time I used the Official Client, I thought it was just an IE Session window (something that takes literally 3 mouse clicks to create in Visual Basic) that had its permissions set to only be able to view pages (Anything else (for example video driver links in the help system) would open a new IE window).

Since I have IE blocked from the 'interwebs' through my firewall, it couldn't even see its own home page.

Downfall said...

Yes but it has changed now, it is no longer just a browser window - it comes with Java built in so you don't have to have administrator privileges to play and some other nifty stuff.

Vaskor said...

Thank you all for the comments. Yeap, I was indeed missing a few useful features. Specifically access to items/monsters DB and ability to take quick screenshots of the game area. Maybe I do need to give it a try after all...

NeobotXP said...

I use firefox with a greasemonkey script which removes everything unnecessary (makes it impossible to backspace as it is just the client in a frame) and opens runescape up to minimum height and maximum width (which I like to play at).

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