Saturday, July 31, 2010

Canting Away Summer Festival. Report

What can I say? I enjoyed the festival tremendously. This time I was able to attend quite a few events - 8 !!! And even made a run for #9 (KBD trip), but was stopped by a lightning which caused my internet connection to disappear for about 20 mins.

I want to say huge THANK YOU to Merch Gwyar, all the people who hosted the events and all the people I met there. It was one of the best days I had in Runescape.

Also a special thanks goes to Zach, who was kind and patient enough to run a two hour Dungeoneering party on a large floor with zero prestige bonus for himself. The Dungeoneering trip was tough (and long). We killed the boss, but couldn't unlock all the rooms. Every one of us died out there, and we exited the dungeon after Full of Pie got buried under falling rocks in the Mining room at the end of the second hour.

I loved Fred's clues, got me to jump over Gielinor quite a bit :) I even won one - luckily I guessed it right from the first clue ("It's cold around me but many dragons can heat up the place"). Almost died at the Chaos Elemental, but didn't, fortunately - there were enough deaths already.

An hour at Brimhaven was fun too, though, I was lagging badly. It is indeed much more entertaining to train Agility in a good company and be able to race against each other.

Great Orb project event was intense. Very competitive too. I had to remind myself to breathe at the end of the rounds :) Comparing to that the Clan Wars was a walk in the park and a time for relaxation.

After the lightning accident I was just in time for Stealing Creation. I am glad I did, every player counted :) Finally Merch Gwyar's house party with Aximili E I's narrative was great (and, yes, Merch has chairs facing the wall, graffiti, evil means to teleport guests far away and an awesome dungeon nowadays).

Two pictures I got (yes, I am a lousy photographer):

The Beginning

Cabbage/Orange bombing of the GE

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