Friday, July 30, 2010

Best Fishing in Runescape

Interesting and useful test results of various Fishing methods (at lvl 88) from Topper. Take a look.

At least one very surprising fact is there: apparently swords/tuna in Fishing guild is both faster and more profitable than monkfish nowadays! Who would guess?

But one thing is missing from the report: my beloved barbarian style fly-fishing. I did similar research a few years ago (when I was lvl 79 in Fishing) and barbarian fly-fishing was the fastest method. And in fact it still is! I measured it again today (at lvl 82) and came up with the following hourly rates:

  • Fishing exp: 43920
  • Cooking exp: 7000
  • Strength: 4000
  • Agility: 4000
Note how I am getting more Fishing exp at lvl 82 comparing to Topper at lvl 88 in Shilo Village. So, if you don't care about the money aspect of Fishing, barbarian style fly-fishing is definitely the way to go.


Troacctid said...

What money aspect of fishing? Even rocktails are only what, 200k gp/hr? I make better money than that training COOKING, and that's supposed to be a money sink.

NeobotXP said...

If you don't mind spending a bit of money (200-300k an hour) alching your fish at barb fishing gets you more xp and some magic xp.

Vaskor said...

Alching fish, this is unusual to say the least!

And yes, money is not a major factor in Fishing at high levels. I actually like Fishing in Dungeoneering. I solo dungeons and fish out every pond - actually very fast Fishing exp, though it slows down Dungeoneering as you can imagine.

BulletRHLI said...

Yep, agreed. Fly fishing and barbarian style fishing are AMONGST the fastest fishing methods. Since rocktails are slow and the bait is a bit harder to get, its not recommended for people who want a quick 99. If you power fish (fish 2 drop 2), you can get almost 50-60k an hour. I am currently level 94 fishing and this is my method of fishing, and its extremely fast for me (if I'm paying attention).

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