Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Endangered Specie

If you intend to go hunting Chinchompas anytime in the near future, DO NOT READ this post. I am warning you! DON'T!


Josh said...

Those poor chinchompas. :(

Steve said...

I have no pity for them, what a fake sob story, come near me and I will blow your arm off deserves no sympathy.
They even have Jagex under their thumb, try taking a cannon there.

I only let them live because of the crowded areas and carp xp.

Josh said...

You my friend are a cruel,cruel man. >:{ I am now going to start an anti-hunter movement...By throwing chinchompas at them.

Coopee4 said...

You might be interested in my blog, check it out: coopee4.blogspot.com

Vaskor said...

Thank you, Coopee4. I subscribed to your blog and will read it from now on.

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