Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Conquest in Runescape

I guess it's about time I write about Conquest. So many people have already praised this new minigame, what can I add?

Well, only the fact that I didn't like it that much. I am afraid I'll stick with chess... I mean, I like the concept and I like these kinds of games in general (Chess, Yo-gi-oh and Magic the Gathering are among my favorites), but I just don't feel good about Conquest. Don't know what it is. Maybe the field is too big and I don't like scrolling that much, or the setting and figures are too gloomy, or champions are too overpowered, or all of that together. In any case, I'm not playing this minigame...

Speaking about champions, apparently there is already a "normal" setup with three of them, which is simple and overpowering in its simplicity. That's not good. Helm Lardar is talking about it here.


Josh said...

All Champions and the one command that fully regenerates the health makes it even more overpowered.

There should be a limit on Champions.

Joey said...

I enjoy this site very much! I like the xp tracker and the Readers Digest as well, also.. Conquest is a fun game ;)

I hope you continue to update it!

Vaskor said...

Joey, thank you! I will

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