Sunday, August 22, 2010

The first level 120 in Dungeoneering

Telmomarques getting 120 Dungeoneering as reported by Neo Avatars. This is crazy.

Though I bet it was just like that for every single skill.
The funny thing is that people don't really remember whoever got first 99 in a particular skill. Like, do you remember who got the first 99 in Farming? Or in Construction? Or even in Summoning? See, what I mean?

Actually, in my opinion, people don't even remember names of the top players, cause they change so often. You got to stay on top for very very long time in order to really get into Runescape folklore (like Zezima did) or be responsible for something very nasty (like Durial321).


Anonymous said...

Thats So True Mate:)

G said...

I agree with you a bit, however with sites that have been keeping track of those types of achievements (runescape wiki notes most of the "firsts" of 99s and 200m in skills), it is a notable event. At least, I think so.

Anonymous said... Exclusive delirium, in my opinion

Vaskor said...

G, yes, it's all recorded and these players get their rightful place in Runescape history - but not in Runescape folklore.

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