Saturday, August 21, 2010

Runescape Farming Guild in making

Helm Lardar is setting up Runescape Farming Guild in his blog (and being very imaginative and yet logical about it). Fascinating, umm, process - let's call it that.
Here are the first two posts:

P.S. Posting it up on Twitter, hopefully, it'll get noticed by Jagex folks too.

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Rs Economist said...

I have a favor. I don't play RS much any more, but I do enjoy your blog. Can you change the settings so the entire post shows up in my RSS? I know your posts are usually only a few lines, so there isn't much need to abridge them.

I also see your site has ads and understand the idea of revenue from them, but today you have 3 of them:

1. Scientology
2. Gold buying
3. Astrology

Not that I have clicked an ad link on your site ever (sorry, they just aren't anything I am interested in), but I haven't. I also don't see myself clicking on any of them in the future.

I never blogged for money, of course I had images of grandeur from day 1, but we both know how much revenue those banners make. Can you just start sending the full posts through your for RSS followers?

Helm Lardar said...

Thanks for highlighting my suggestion! :D

Functions blog is now up and a forum suggestion has been placed-but it could still do with helpful refinements, particularly from those with a proper farming level ;-) .

Vaskor said...

RS Economist, changed the setting as you asked. But I'll keep the ads on (gold buying shouldn't be there - I filter those). I am not getting much from ads - almost nothing in fact. But it is my way to pay for Runewise's hosting and thus keep Runewise ads free.

Vaskor said...

Helm Lardar, I added the third post :)

As far as suggestions go, I'll do my best, but it'll have to wait a bit - I am swamped at work at the moment.

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