Thursday, September 16, 2010

Graahk Runecrafting

Graahk Runecrafting guide from The Monkeigh Times. Very thorough guide with "super optimized" strategy for speed Runecrafting.

By the way, does anyone know if The Monkeigh Times are going to further maintained? The last issue was late last year, yet the clan seems to be alive and active. I'd hate to see one of the oldest Runescape newspapers to die away...


Coopee4 said...

I would like to hear some local opinions on my blog. If there is any time in your busy day to take a look it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Free Runescape Membership said...

Nice runecrafting guide :thumbsup:

Hameigh said...

The Monkeigh Times are now archived in a forum since our archiver left. I'll remind the admins that they were going to make the forum public.

Vaskor said...

Coopee4, I personally read and like your blog. But it's really up to you. If you like writing it, by all means, continue and, I am sure, you'll get more readers. But don't let it become a chore. Your blog is first of all for you!

Hameigh, thank you so much! Yes, please, ask the admins to make the forum with The Monkeigh Times public.

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