Saturday, September 18, 2010

Runescape Speed Drawing

I love those things. It is fascinating to see the process of creation, almost meditative in fact. There is the whole community of Runescape speed drawing artists on YouTube. Just a few channels I found: Cleanminded, ThirdAgeD, MysticDragons.

And here is the one from Cleanminded called Agility. Enjoy!

Edited: cant's resist putting up another one, also from Cleanminded :) So here we go: Green Tea.


Aximili E I said...

Cool! I should try doing that one of these days... RSC Snob would be a good subject to do but I would have to practice first...

Josh said...

Next up: RuneScape Animation

A few have started on that prjoect,actually. Green Tea's golden gnome entry is a fine example of it. There's that guy who won the golden gnomes also who has created the Extre'motes. Both of them should definitely get a round of applause.

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