Sunday, October 17, 2010

Musical Scales in RSMV

Musical scales in RSMV from Avicile Mohaili, set up inside Daemonheim. I love the idea.

P.S. Speaking about Daemonheim, here is an inspiration post from Alex about his Dunseoneering experiences.


Runescape Bits said...

Hey Vaskor! I'm back at it and comming strong. I want to congratulate you for the advancements on runewise, including the new book tool (you should sell your technology or something lol to a big company like amazon!!) aswell as the recent partnerships ithjagex and sals realm. Here It's going pretty good too - gotta take it step by step.

Check out my new Halloween event guide that I published this morning- went live before any major fansite's guide! Anyway Pm me back, looking to have a partnership with you and runewise! Cheers, and keep going at it! -Alex from RsBitsBlog

Vaskor said...

Sure, thanks!

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