Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Efficiency Wars

A perfect article from about efficiency in Runescape. As they say, I would sign under every word in there. Just a few quotes:

  • It’s true that many players find efficiency and reaching high levels to be genuinely fun, they enjoy getting the xp and racking up the high scores, there’s nothing wrong with that. However the thing that IS wrong is when these extremely efficient players that see themselves as ‘elite’ start to call people who don’t use the most efficient methods… noobs.
  • I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to play is however you want to. It’s best to respect other player’s game choices - as long as it’s not autotyping spam in the GE, or anything nefarious like that. I think that if you’re enjoying yourself, then you’re playing as efficiently as you need to be.


Troacctid said...

Perfect? Racheya has practically no idea what she's talking about. Read the discussion thread. Whole article is torn apart.

Vaskor said...

Troacctid, I went though the thread (can't claim I read all of it, but a big portion), but didn't see anything that would sway my opinion about the article. I can still relate to the main message of the article: there is a sentiment among many players who try to play in the most efficient way, that everybody else ought to be like them, that is skill in the way which gives most xp/gp per hour. And I don't like people forcing their game playing style on me (or anybody else for that matter). I rarely get called any kind of names in the game, but coincidentally all my recent conflicts were with high level "efficient" players who were trying to patronize me because I didn't use the "right way" to train.

NeobotXP said...

I was caught using a dragon battle axe spec instead of overloading once (about 5 months ago)

I still get greeted with raaaargh


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