Thursday, October 14, 2010


Some awesome players made Runescape pictures can be found in the RuneART's gallery. Nice community too, so if you are one of those who likes drawing, it seems like the place to be. My favorite is probably Barrows Brothers.

In other news, poll #12 at Runewise finished this week. Results are posted here. And new poll is up.

P.S. I fulfilled one of my dreams: went to a San Antonio Spurs game. I've been Spurs' fan for at least 15 years, but never had a chance to go to one of their games. Them being in Texas and me in North Carolina didn't help. Apparently, I had to go to another country to see them play! Yeap, I caught up with them here, in Mexico city. By pure accident, saw an announcement in the morning. I couldn't believe my eyes - it was definitely one of those "fate things". Clearly I wasn't about to turn such opportunity away, so 10 hours later I was at Palacio de los Deportes, cheering for the Spurs. It was a great "coming from behind" game and Spurs won with the last shot. I am happy :)


G said...

Congrats on seeing a Spurs game, Vaskor! It's pretty awesome when the stars just kind of align for you like that. I'm glad they won too!

Vaskor said...

G, thank you!

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