Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Retrospective look at Dungeoneering

Interesting retrospective look at Dungeoneering from Tip.it Times. I like when articles make me think and this one did :)
What do I think about Dungeoneering now? Hmm...

I like it, because it is relaxing and non-demanding. I like how I can log in into Runescape after a long working day and go through a dungeon, exploring all the rooms, exhausting all resources, making potions, collecting keys, opening the doors and fighting monsters. All that while listening to a good music and letting my mind wander. Just one dungeon. Then I can go and do whatever, develop something for Runewise, read a book, walk beautiful evening streets of Mexico city or even write this blog.

Yes, I know this is not how people train Dungeoneering. One ought to go with a good team and be highly efficient and ogranized down there in order to gain a lot of XP - very true. I tried it a few times and it was fun and rewarding. But not relaxing.

So yeah, I am glad Dungeoneering is there, but don't expect me to reach 99 in this skill :) Or maybe I'll get there in a few years without ever pushing for it, just like it happened with Farming. That'd be nice.


NeobotXP said...

Very true and balanced

Shame they still haven't sorted the 'auto sorting' rooms after 9 (!) months.

Vaskor said...

Lol, the players somehow manage without it, so I guess it's not a high priority :)

MERRY said...

Very true and balanced

lian leanne said...

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