Monday, January 17, 2011

Return of the Wilderness and Free Trade

Of course, the main news is just that: return of the Wilderness and Free Trade is going to happen on Feb 1.

Jagex managed to surprise everybody again. Feb 1 is very very very early. I don't think anybody expected it to happen that fast, especially taking in account all those necessary changes to the game that should be done in order for the move to take place (quests, minigames, the GE etc.).

What can I say? From one side it is great news, we won't have to wait long. From the other side, it confirms that Jagex made the decision about returning the Wilderness and Free Trade before both polls were released (possibly long before) and polls were just a very smart and successful PR move. I guess it's all good for the game (PR and stuff), and most of the players are happy about it - I shouldn't be complaining. And I don't, it just leaves a bit of sour taste in my mouth, that's all... I'll get over it.

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NeobotXP said...

PR: blowing £1000 of PR budget a month on a random bot/14 year old.

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