Saturday, February 12, 2011

RS Botters are Hacked

Very interesting story from Xela about thousands of accounts which used RSBot/Powerbot being hacked and robbed. Ironic, but also sad. I guess people may say that these botters deserved it, but I would disagree. They deserved to be banned - not robbed. And Gh0st (Gh0$t) and others who hacked them do deserve to be prosecuted in RL just like any other hackers regardless of who were their targets.


Runescape Gold said...

To have these two paragraphs in the same post is arguably self-contradictory.

"Now, there is an obvious moral here, and that is not to bot. No innocent players have been hacked. Nobody who wasn't risking a perm ban hasn't been hacked. If you've lost out, suck it up and work for your money the legitimate way, no doubt Jagex have you on a blacklist somewhere."


"So yeah, a story that most people would just look at and think "they deserved it", but botters are people to - likely to make the same mistakes as we do. Learn something from their loss."

I agree with you that it is ironic that these cheaters were hacked. I also agree that nobody, no matter what they have done in the past deserves to be hacked. This is, after all, primitive thinking.

Jagex could have a convenient precedent set if the trial goes as planned, which could be a powerful weapon for them in the future. I'd like to know how it turns out.

Alex said...

The obvious moral is to tell them to suck it up - and I think they should, ultimately it's their own fault.

That doesn't stop me from being sympathetic to their loss and noting that such a hack is not beyond effecting legit players.

NeobotXP said...

I lol'd when I read the crappy cover story the maxed guy who got cleaned posted on the high level forums.

In return he received 9 pages of 'botter scum'

Vaskor said...

NeobotXP, you mean hasn't been banned yet?!

NeobotXP said...
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