Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Paying for Runescape accounts

Right... A lot of controversy and outrage about the recent move from Jagex to accept money for un-banning some Runescape accounts. Vast majority of comments about it (at least from what I saw) were very negative (and here is an example from Xela).

However, I don't believe that it is a sign of desperation from Jagex or that they are scrambling for money. Quite on contrary, I think, this move is directly tied to the success of the Wilderness Return update. I bet there are so many old (and yes, previously banned) pkers that want to get back into the game after this update, that Jagex support team has really really hard time trying to deal with it. Offering to take money for unbanning these account is an easy (though not very gracious) way to simplify the process and greatly reduce the load at the same time. That would be my guess anyway.


Pimpas said...

I guess it is only business making plain simple.

There a lot of accounts banned. Accounts that once were paying members (or free) that make runescape profit (in case of free, by adverts clicking). It came to Jagex mind that many of them would not level their account all over again, just to play back the old Runescape.

So those accounts were claiming their accounts back.

The solution was to get them pay to get them back. It is a smart and easy solution. It penalizes rule brakers at the same time it makes jagex profit again from those accounts. And it is relatively safe to Jagex to say they won't break the rules again, as they suffered enough since they were banned back at that time.

Runescape Gold said...

I agree. You can't really judge a business for trying to make money. I mean, that's the whole point.

This system might also be good at dissuading minors from cheating. Without a method of payment, they would have to convince their parents why they should have to pay to un-ban the account. That is something I wouldn't mind observing :)

wikihow said...

that's a dilema

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