Sunday, February 6, 2011

Team Penguin

I never realized how organized World 60 penguins hunt is. I knew about clan chats of course and knew that there was a team of dedicated players who ran those clan chats and trapped penguins, but I had no idea that these people are organized in a formal entity. It's not a clan and it's not a fan site, I am not sure how to define their organization. They call themselves Team Penguin, which fits just fine.

They have an active Twitter account and an active YouTube channel and it's the latter I want to point you to. Here is why.

Return of the Wilderness hit the Team Penguin in an unexpected way. We all knew (from Jagex's Q&As) that one of the penguins will remain in the wilderness, but I personally didn't see a problem with that. My thoughts were that it'll just add some spice to the hunt and no-one will be forced to go there anyway. What I didn't realize was that pkers would start using World 60 clan chats for luring players into the wilderness. Basically a new scam appeared and Team Penguin got hit hard by it. They had to stop calling wilderness penguins, but the problem is still far from resolved. Now they are appealing to Jagex for removal of penguins from the wilderness and in a light of this scamming/luring problem, I think, the appeal makes sense. You can find more information about it here.

So what about the YouTube channel? The thing is that they put up a weekly video with penguin locations out there and it's quite easy to use it to find penguins without having to join any of the clan chats, which means no exposure to scamming and luring. I tried it today - worked perfectly.


Schmidty102 said...

Great post. Boomer-One from RuneSlayer manages the youtube and twitter channels for Team Penguin. I am sure if you wanted some more information you could pop him a private message on our forums.

Team Penguin said that they would stop Wilderness penguins before the wild even came back out. No luring really happened due to them taking the precautions.

Anonymous said...

The twitter link doesn't seem to work. Other than that, really interesting-I never knew they did a proper video!

Helm Lardar

Team Penguin said...


Actually, luring has been occurring, just not as much as it would have. Although we are kicking players for calling Wilderness locations (some legit, some lures, but blanket ban just to be fair), some still try, and many fall for the lures.

@Helm Lardar

Links works fine for me? Here's the direct link anyway:


Schmidty102 said...

The link for twitter doesn't work for me either.

It's a shame that some people fall for the lures. Either way, if you are going into the Wilderness you shouldn't be carrying anything of value with you. If you aren't, then you shouldn't have an issue with people attacking you. Most people are in it for profit, not killing.

Team Penguin said...


Unfortunately, there are a lot of trolls in RuneScape. We've always dealt with players trying to break traps, spam doors open and/or close, spam the CC's and threads...

The difference now is that those trolls can kill innocent players! They don't care if they have nothing equipped or not, they kill them for the sole reason to cause a disruption.

Vaskor said...

Thank you for the comments!

Just to make myself clear, I have no problem with penguins being in the wilderness and I understand that people should take care about themselves when going there. What I don't like is how pkers started to use Team Penguin clan chats for luring and scamming. This is a shame. I see only three ways out of it:
1. Penguins are removed from the wilderness.
2. Team Penguin stops providing their services.
3. Team Penguin stops calling penguins in the wilderness and implement harsh measures inside their clan chats to prevent luring and scamming.

#3 is what Team Penguin is doing right now and we can hope that maybe pkers will eventually stop trying, or at least stop trying too often.
But #1 is much cleaner solution - hence the petition.

P.S. I fixed the link. Those I am not sure why the previous one wouldn't work for everybody...

Anonymous said...

Don't forget their website, which is even MORE of a greater help than both the resources you outlined here! updates as players updates them too, I always use it!

Team Penguin said...


That isn't actually our website... It was created by some random person, and is updated by the public. We are in no way related to it, though we've been aware of it.

Blogger said...


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