Monday, March 7, 2011

General Graardor

Finally! I successfully soloed General Graardor today! Yay!

It took me just about a year and a half :) Yes, I know, most people are able to solo Graardor with lower combat stats, but it's not only about stats, believe me... I made several attempts late in 2009, came close, but not quite - and after that I simply couldn't make myself to go there again - I'd always find something less stressful to do :)

So how did I end up there? It was Nex's voice that did the trick. After yesterday's post I was so eager to hear one of those monsters speak, that suddenly there was nothing else for me to do in Runescape - I had to face Graardor or quit in disgrace :)

The first fight was very messy, I was mostly concerned with staying alive and didn't pay much attention to anything else. I ate and ate and ate and 30 sharks later found a pile of Ourg bones at my feet. Not exactly 30 kills in one trip as some people do. Anyway I teleported out, restocked, came back but this time turned "auto-retaliate" off. 30 sharks later I had two more piles of Ourg bones in my inventory.

And, of course, during all that time he kept talking to me about "breaking bones" and "splitting skulls" in that very charming voice of his :)

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