Sunday, March 6, 2011

Voices in Runescape

I haven't been in any of the God Wars Bosses rooms this year... Apparently they all got real voices back in January! And Nex too. Nex's voice and phrases are utterly creepy. I found three recordings on RS Wiki: one here inside an article about voice in RS (the article is quite interesting by itself BTW) and two here.

As far as voices of God Wars Generals, there are a bunch of videos on YouTube. Here is an example with all four generals featured. But it's 13 mins and quite tiresome. Is there some recording or video where these voices are delivered in compact form?


Avicile Mohaili said...

Haha I know that Icy Bones has a voice too. He screams "Sleep now in the bitter cold! Deep freeze!" in a really awesome voice. XD

hibbynana na said...

farmer100 safe

Venessa Liu said...

I know there is a video competion held by Jagex to encourage Runescape players to share their Runescape experience. This is a competition which is dedicated to attracting more gamers to join Runescape. Even though, Jagex will hand out rich prize packages to winners, no matter he has a paid runescape accounts or not.

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