Monday, March 21, 2011

Grand Exchange Central Re-opening

Below is an announcement from Absenm about the Grand Exchange Central re-opening. Yes, it's up and running again, yay!

Set your calendars friends. April 15 is the official re-opening of The Grand Exchange Central. Before then we will be bits and pieces. But portions of the site will be up. Even today.

We have spent a month finding everything we could to secure our site. Our security is not just watching our users back. We have taken the offensive. Fool me once shame on me. Fool me twice shame on you.

No. Sadly, you will not see anything new. Not yet. Six weeks of work went into security. But at the same time, while rewriting everything, we put in to place some very powerful plug in routines. Once we know you visitors are safe, we can start adding things at a startling pace.
Our little baby hacker has awoken a sleeping giant. We at the GEC will be bigger, stronger, and way more cool than even we had dreamed.

I personally, Absenm, apologize for taking so long. It was required to protect our visitors. We will never again allow hackers to take us down again. I am not issuing a challenge. I am making a statement of fact.

We are going to be smart. Just adding pages slowly. There will be broken links. But in a month you will hardly notice we had been gone. By April 15 it will be business as usual. It is time for resurrection. And the GEC will be there when the dust settles.

So please, RuneScape friends, check on us. You will be glad you did. And on April 15 you will have your GEC finally back. Until then, please watch our progress. We will be a little messy, but we are back, and constructing the site you always wanted us to be.


Alan said...

what could possibly take so long...

Absenm said...

Lol. Sadly, little free time, and going through nearly 50k lines of poorly written code. But I also slipped on ice a few weeks back and got a very bad concussion that took me away from the site for weeks. :(. But we are pretty far along now. If we had a dedicated development team we'd have been back up in a week. Granted, if we had a dedicated development team this issue may never had happened. Sadly it is just me, and very little spare time, and a huge daunting task. Anyway, try us now.

hibbynana na said...

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