Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Meeting Zezima

Well, I met Zezima in game yesterday. I guess it happens to everybody sooner or later.

I've been restocking at Edgeville bank for another trip to Chaos Tunnels, when somebody pointed out that Zezima was there. Indeed, he was standing at the same spot I was - presumably fletching. If not for that remark, I wouldn't even notice him and would simply go back to the tunnels.

As you can imagine people started to freak out and ask Zezima for various favors: pictures, phrases etc. Nothing too extreme, after all there were just about 10-15 players in the bank at that time. It wasn't like a big crowd following Zezima into the wilderness or something of that nature. But still, it was stalking and after a few kind responses Zezima stopped answering any questions or remarks thrown at him.

What about me? I was standing there, thinking about all those things I could say. After all for me, Zezima was (and is) one of a very few true Runescape folk heroes (or legends, if you will). I don't think anybody else (despite being #1 or whatever) quite achieved his status in the eyes of Runescape players. I doubt anyone ever will. I could have said that, right? Or maybe I could have said that I have special code just for him at Runewise, because people enter his name there all the time. But no, I know that he doesn't actually use Runewise and I wouldn't be able to explain my "folk hero" theory in a few words as well. So I said the only thing I could under the circumstances and that was how I met Zezima.


NeobotXP said...

hehe, I remember how everyone in high level forums got mighty excited when he finally maxed out

hibbynana na said...

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