Monday, April 4, 2011

I ain't dead

I ain't dead...

I am just slacking. Actually, that's not entirely true. I've been playing some and I did major rework at Runewise (fixed ALog based services), but I was generally not in a mood to write anything or even join Canting Away's clan chat. I did today, so maybe that's why I am writing, who knows... Or maybe it's this time of the year - I remember skipping a month or so last year too, right around March/April. It's spring after all: lots of orienteering, field work and just "work" work.

Plus I am still kind of mulling over the whole "Jagex"/"Night moth" situation. It's rather disheartening. Oh, and BTW, Runescape Adventurer's Log is broken now (go check yours). Yeah, well...

I do have a link for you, though, which is sufficiently gloomy and depressing, yet interesting at the same time: Fred kins' investigation of the Runescape's dark side, aka tracing roots of RWT companies.

P.S. I won't promise to resume regular posts just yet, but I am pretty sure I will eventually...

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