Monday, November 26, 2007

Best Fishing method in Runescape

I know, I know, The Grand Exchange is out and everybody ought to talk about it. I will too, but later, when there are more coherent posts about it on the forums and blogs :-) For now I just say, I tried it, it mostly works and looks very nice.

Anyway, what I really like to talk about today is Fishing. A while ago I conducted a research on what Fishing methods are the best, their advantages and disadvantages. The research results are available on RS Haven. Since then I am a big advocate of Monkfish (duh) and Barbarian fly/pole-fishing (as opposed to Shilo fly-fishing). But to my dismay most of the people are still claiming that Shilo fly-fishing is the fastest way up, while it is definitely not. To make things even more clear I made a video guide for Barbarian fly/pole-fishing on YouTube. I hope you'll find it useful.


Anonymous said...

Yup, the G.E is brilliant, but the prices are a bit off.

For the fishing, which is more boring? or are they both the same amount? but also, for fast 99 fishing and 99 cooking wouldn't the fly fishing in Shilo be better if you want both 99's?

~Whiskas88, member of Sal's.

P.S. how'd ya make a accout on here? thanks!

Vaskor said...

I think both ways are boring unless you have a friend to chat with. Shilo village fly-fishing is a bit less clicking, but a bit more running than Barbarian one.
Good point about raising Cooking and Fishing at the same time. Yes, Barbarian fly-fishing won't raise cooking as much. But at the same time I personally would raise Cooking separately by buying raw Sharks, cooking them and selling.

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Steve said...

People hate the fact that Shilo isn't as fast as other places because its been drummed into them for so long.

As it happens fly fishing at barb village is quicker than shilo as well.

The barbarian outpost fishing is without doubt the best but you will still see more at Shilo.

After cutting the fish I tend to drop the entrails after I have filled my inventory of fish as opposed to before fishing again, It just means you get a few more fish in your bag before you cut again.

Whiskas88 said...

Thanks for telling me how to make an account on here.

I personally like getting the raw materials myself so I would say Shilo fly fishing is best for me probably.

Again, thanks. Also the link to my blog is this:

Vaskor said...

Nice blog, whiskas88.
I'll be reading it from now on :-)

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