Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Advertising Runescape Clans inside the game

Just bumped into this thread on RSC. I always knew that I am not allowed to advertise Runewise or Runescape Reader's Digest inside the game, despite the fact that both sites does not have any RWT ads, cheats or any other bad stuff (in fact, Runewise does not have ads at all). I accepted it, at least everyone was getting the same treatment from Jagex. But not anymore!
Apparently a privileged set of Runescape clans (distinguished by admission to the hidden forum for Runescape clan leaders) is allowed to advertise their web sites inside the game. What a joke.


G said...

"Just to make it clear, advertising any website is against our rules. However we will take into account the type of website when applying any permanent punishment."

Is it me or does this not make any sense? I mean, I get what they are trying to say, but if they're going to enforce their rules, they need to do it across the board.

It's a shame you can't mention this site, there's so many good stories as well as information that its actually very helpful for players.

Also, with the new censor updates, my name still has a * in the middle of it

Knifestorm said...

Yeah, they need more clarity here. I looks like they are trying to say that it is OK to recruit other players to your clan in-game, but any spam-like advertising is a no-no. They also don't say that black marks will be erased, just that they will be reviewed (with presumed lenience).

So; make Runewise a clan and feel free to talk about it . . . then see what happens if you are reported.

Vaskor said...

I agree the statement is not very clear.

But it is clear that turning Runewise into a clan won't work. Even if I name Runewise's community a clan, it won't be included into the priviliged set of Runescape clans, who have access to the Jagex's Clan Leaders forum where this permission was posted. Remember that this leniency is not for clans in general, it is only for the officially recognized clans.

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