Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Recent Runescape Updates

Reaction on the recent updates by Runescape community from Topper and Zelda.

5 minutes is cool, more than enough time to answer a call, make some food or feed the cat; no more "*ask" from people trying to use my short name. I am quite happy with the updates :-)


Steve said...

6. What is AFK training?

AFK training is Away From Keyboard training. While you are playing on our games, you must be at the computer. Away from keyboard training is not allowed, and you should log out when you leave the computer.

Sorry you cant feed the cat or get a bite to eat, its against the rules, but you can sit and watch the screen for 5 minutes without pressing a button, not that anyone at Jagex will know what your doing in your house, or do they.

At least it will minimise the accidental log out, you need to change spot or tree when chopping or fishing etc more often than every 5 minutes.

Vaskor said...

Thinking about it, I don't do AFK training. I don't train melee at bandits or Ape atoll or other places like that, cause I don't train melee. All my melee levels are subproducts of other activities (mostly Slayer). I haven't really trained Woodcutting and Fishing for a few years. What else can you train AFK?

But I do read stuff on internet and I do feed my cat when she asks me too and if Jagex is going to give me a black mark for it - fine.

G said...


The whole AFK training thing is ridiculous. If you get up to refill your glass of water, in your own home with no one else around and are back in your seat, it's not breaking the rules. Jagex has even stated that is not the intention of the rule. It was originally intended for those who would leave their character training, unattended for hours or overnight and along those lines.

Staying on your computer, reading forums and other websites, not paying attention to the game is no different then walking away from your computer for a minute or two.

The 5 min limit is nice, however, years of dashing back to the computer after running to grab a glass of water are ingrained in my head. It's going to be hard to un-learn that.

If it saves me from entering a bank pin and clicking run-on 47 times, then its ok by me.

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