Sunday, February 15, 2009

Jagex is reaching to Runescape fan sites

According to this topic at TruthScape, both Qeltar and Ren (ThuthScape and MechScape World site owners respectively) received unsolicited official emails from Jagex. And I am sure other big fan sites were contacted as well. A few days ago Mark Gerhard (new Jagex's CEO) proclaimed a policy of "openness" and now Jagex is reaching out to the established external Runescape community. It looks like that a long awaited change in relationship between Jagex and Runescape fan sites is finally coming!

P.S. Alas I personally did not receive such email, which I attribute to either relatively small size of Runewise and Runescape Reader's Digest or the possibility of Jagex not being aware of their existence. Either way it saddens me, but it also gives me a good opportunity to ask you, my dear readers, to spread word about Runescape Reader's Digest (and Runewise, if you use it, of course) among your friends and clan members. I would appreciate it a lot. Thank you!


Knifestorm said...

Don't be sad. Your name did show up when the new CEO answered fan questions.

Vaskor said...

That was a pleasant surprise, yes :-)

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