Monday, November 9, 2009

Achievement Diaries as a source of Motivation

Armmadylo is talking about achievement diaries being a huge source of motivation to progress in Runescape. What can I say, yes, it is. But...

It is less so for "high level" skillers. More often than not they already have high enough levels to satisfy all requirements when new diary is released. I think there was only one skill I trained specifically for an achievement diary - it was 72 Smithing for the Varrock diary. I admit - it was a strong source of motivation indeed. I wish it would happen more often.

You maybe asking now: "what about Elite tasks from the Ardougne diary?" Well, I don't find them motivating at all. 93 Summoning requirement is so far beyond my league, that there is no point to even bother. With me being lvl 77 in Summoning, 80-82 would be very motivating, heck, I would even go for 85, but 93 is just disheartening.

So why do I like the diaries so much (yes, I do :-))? The simple truth is that the diaries make me wander and explore - and I love it. I learn new things about Runescape with every diary. They also help me to find new interesting ways to train and make money in the game. For instance, remember Unicows in the Tower of Life? With Ardougne cloak I can now make 400K per hour there - easily. And that's just one example.

And rewards? What about them?


NeobotXP said...

Farming with ardy cloak and explorer ring I have managed to get a herb farming run down to just under 3 minutes. I do that during breaks from ZMI rcing (with a 20% increase in runes). In return for the time taken to complete the tasks it rakes a serious profit!

I sure cannot complain, and sure do love the rewards!

I've personally had all the reqs each time a diary has come out, but I always see friends really motivated to get them :D

Jax said...

I'm happy about the elite Ardy stuff. The rewards aren't really a big deal and certainly not unbalancing, but for once there was an update I couldn't do on day one. That made me happy.

I think with things like this it's tricky to get the right balance between effort, reward and balance.

G said...

I've got the same Summoning level as you. If it were any other skill, I think it'd be alright. I plowed through firemaking in about month going from about 70 something to 92 for the Adze. Summoning isn't something you can really just simply train though, given the amount of times to get the charms (I've only got about 100 of each at the moment with about 14 blues), and then add in the cost of the shards...

It is a good motivational thing, but that one is a little bit out of my reach to be getting that anytime soon. When the Varrock one came out I was around 50 Smithing and 40 Farming and it was amazing motivation to get those skills higher, as well as doing about 40 quests.

Anonymous said...

The hardcore gamers who spend so much time playing they can easily hit level 90 at any skill get those achievement diaries done quickly enough, then pressure Jagex to increase the requirements making it impossible for many other players to reach them. These people don't respect players who have less time to play.

Jagex should really respect casual gamers more and stop turning Runescape into a no-lifer's game only, in my opinion.

Steve said...

I trained my smithing form 80 to 91 to get the elite tasks done, I was like a man possessed sc'ing then smithing addy bars, I rarely trained smithing and this was just the reason I wanted to train it.

I had all the other requirements and the smithing took a few days.

Summoning isn't such a problem, first 99 summoner took 2 weeks if I remember correctly and the drops cover the cost of the shards, having said that I don't power train summoning preferring to enjoy training it.

All I need is some motivation to train hunter and runecrafting now.

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