Monday, January 25, 2010

Strange power unleashes itself on Runescape

Thanks to Merch Gwyar for the pointer.

What a great way to give hints! Bravo, Jagex!
Unfortunately, I missed it, but still, wow. And as far as my predictions go, I think we'll get a new Sea Slugs quest where the Queen will finally step up to her ambitions to rule the world!


G said...

Apparently I'm not the only one who uses '55' as their default 'smith all' number.

I think you're right about the sea slug thing.

Anthony Dufresne said...

yea, i agree, i think youre right about the sea slug thing too..

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Vaskor said...

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Primadog said...

Here's one very convincing theory of the source of This Strange Power:

Runescape Guide said...

That was crazy!

Yeah, it could really be the sea slug thing. That would be awesome.

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Awesome video though, haha.

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