Monday, June 7, 2010

Price Manipulation on the Rares Market

Some insights into price manipulation on the Rares Market, the most closed market in Runescape. I think the only rare item which is still being traded on the GE is Santa Hat (and it's around 120M!). Everything else is unobtainable without a series of obscure junk and rare-to-rare trades. A shame really.

P.S. Can anyone point me to the list of "traders" referred to in the article? People deserve to know their heroes...


Vaskor said...

Here is the comment from "free runescape memberships" I deleted:

"I myself am a rare trader :D

I currently have a set of phats but thats it. If you want to get into some real trading with the big boys I advise you to try and get into an exclusive trading clan. Not the big ones that scam their members"

"free runescape membership" person,
I deleted your comment, because the link you left seems to be pointing to a scammer site. While it applies nicely to the profile of so called "big boys" I have in my mind, I'd rather not have scamming sites linked from my blog.

Jax said...

Read the linked article.

I have to say. As much as I play Runescape I could care less about the rares market.

I guess I fail to see why it matters. Does it really affect your ability to do anything or is it a competition to see who has the most rares?

If the author wants to "take matters into our hands" all you have to do is shrug and not care.

Or you learn to play "with the big boys". The price should go to whatever the market can bear. And if you panic, and sell cheaply, it's your own foolishness.

Ham said...

I found the data in this thread fairly interesting about number of 99s over time. Look through the entire thread for numbers.

Vaskor said...

Jax, I am mostly upset about the fact that rare items cannot be bought on the GE. I'd have to go through a series of complex junk trades to buy one. It's like a black market of a sort. Like some kind of an illegal activity.

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